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Friday, January 12, 2007

Groovy Baby It's Almost The Weekend

Just in case you are's from one of the audibles from yahoo the UK section...

I slept in today-was quite tired after getting about 10 hours of sleep (no kidding-tired??) I did my last ovulation prediction kit tester--still no sign of ovulation. Although, I have all sorts of pains that-to me-feel like I am ovulating, but I guess I'm not from the results of the ovulation prediction kit. *sigh* I am doing all I can do, I pray that the Lord will have mercy on us & our family in that we can have more children soon.

Today was a bit rough for me. Anna is a dear little girl and I LOVE to be home full-time with her. Lately she has been wanting to be with me every waking moment-including whenever I am in the bathroom. Anna doesn't have school on fridays-so we get to be together the whole day. Normally I welcome this-but today I wanted some space. Anna didn't understand that-and I didn't want to upset her and I couldn't fully explain how women are emotional and they need their time alone--at least this woman needs some time alone. So I was a bit a bit crabby...but if it's not very often, that should be okay, I think.

Tyler bent to my wishes and renewed his cell phone contract. I am excited that we will be able to talk ANYTIME. It's such a comfort to know that. Tyler gave me another massage today--he's planning to give one every friday. Can you say WONDERFUL? He does a really good job for only have read one book on the subject. I am so blessed to have him. :)

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