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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ho Hum

I'm stealing the title of my friend's blog for my title today--it just fits the day. Ho Hum. Nothing really to report, we got up early to read scriptures, but then I went back to bed--not exactly on my ideal schedule, I didn't get out and walk today or play the piano--two more things on my ideal schedule, but I didn't have any sugar! So there's an accomplishment!!!

I've been doing EFT everyday, and today I applied it towards relaxation/anti-stress. I think it really made a difference. If you're curious about what EFT is, check out the link:

Anna went to school and I went out to the bank and post office. I sold another book and a cd on total gain: $9.50. We'll take it! Hopefully some of our higher priced books will be purchased as well.

I went to visit my friend, Sarah, this evening. It was nice to just sit & chat a bit. I am happy to have friends here in OH. I think it would be so hard to move somewhere and not have friends.

Today was my last day of clomid. Tomorrow I'll go in for a lab test to see if the ovaries are working properly and if there will most likely be ovulation this cycle. (I hope I hope). My period is still here, which I still perceive as a good thing. I will begin the ovulation prediction kit on saturday. :)

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Anonymous said...

I didnt know you were having problems, is everything going to be alright?