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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


This morning, I bounded out of bed at 6am---I repeat 6am, showered, prepared myself for the day and then met Tyler in the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my sleeping uncle, aunt, & little cousins. We put together: scrambled eggs, little smokies, hash browns (the REAL kind), and biscuits & gravy + orange juice & milk to drink. When everyone finally was up, they ate, packed up & headed out to OK. We only had about an hour to visit with them-but it was still fun to see some family out here in OH. I wish we could see more of our family, but that's the rub in the military--isn't it? However, there are so many nice people here in OH, and I AM GRATEFUL TO BE HERE! :)

When the family left, Anna, Tyler & I played 5 different games with Anna to get her "game fix" done early. Then they watched a movie while I took an amazingly long nap--3 hours--and was a bit loopy afterwards. (imagine that) Anna went back to school today--you've never seen a happier girl than this one when she's going to school! Tyler went to Columbus for a meeting before his classes begin on thursday. I am trying to prepare myself for how little I will be seeing him. *sigh*

I was recently given an invitation to a book party by a good friend of mine. I have been to several "parties" such as these-though in various themes such as scrapbooking, home & garden parties, pampered chef, and such. I myself actually have a home-based business called CMAS, Color Me A Season. I truly enjoy doing it, because it's more of a teaching activity-and one-on-one instead of a large group, + there isn't a sale pitch and I try very hard not to make people feel pressured to buy anything...but in these other "parties" I ALWAYS feel like I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING OR THEY'LL NEVER INVITE ME TO ANYTHING EVER EVER EVER AGAIN!! I bring this intense guilt upon myself and then I'll go to the party--even when we're VERY low on money--and if I don't buy something I feel guilty and if I DO buy something...I usually regret it later. Has this ever happened to any of you?? Well, to make this long analogy interminable, I actually declined the offer to the party. I can't tell you how good it felt to prioritize my feelings concerning it. I normally am SO WORRIED about how others are feeling that I don't stop and realize how I really feel about it. I am pleased with this decision. :)

We are thinking to rise early at 6am everyday and consequently go to bed earlier, including Anna going to bed at 7pm--to give me some time to collect myself before bed. The past 3 years I have been in school and therefore, I had a terrible bedtime--usually not earlier than midnight. And usually, Anna would follow suit staying up late--and usually falling asleep between 9 & 10pm. I knew it wasn't a good schedule for her, but that's how it went. Tonight Anna & I read scriptures and did her routine--but earlier so that she was in bed at 7pm. Very, very nice! I only hope we can continue it tomorrow!

We have decided as a family that we don't want any more processed sugar in our home. I won't be baking any sweets--unless they are sweetened by honey--except on certain, predetermined holidays. I want to remember what I ate today, so I will list it below:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, hash browns, little smokies, biscuits & gravy
Snack: rolls with butter & honey
Lunch: leftovers from breakfast
Snack: Apple with peanut butter
Dinner: Peasant Soup with homemade rolls
Snack: Homemade granola
Oh, and I exercised today. I'm telling you--I'm on to something good! I've got a new bedtime schedule, I exercised today, and I'm cutting out sugar. :)


Anonymous said...

But what about Cookie Crisp Cereal?

Jill said...

Cookie Crisp, maybe if I made it homemade...