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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Sweet, Lovely, Forgotten Sound...

What a sweet sound! It is music to my ears...yesterday, an old friend was reinstated to me: The Dishwasher. Yes, it's true! No more washing by hand!!! :)

Today I woke up quite groggy...perhaps it had to do with my going to bed around 1am. (ya think?) It was hard to get going...but Anna is very insistent that it's time for me to get up and she informs me how she got up before me...but, that's an everyday occurrence! ;)

I taught Anna to play UNO today. It says it's for 7 years-old and up, but my 5 year-old got it on the first game. That's my girl! I welcomed a change of pace from the daily chutes & ladders game. :) While she was in school I practiced the piano, read my scriptures, chatted on the phone with Kathey, and did some eBay stuff.

One of my new years "goals" was to practice the piano daily. I'm working on the hymn book from church. The REAL hymn book-not the simplified version. Last year, I was working from the first of the book and learning each hymn perfectly, which was a fine idea until I hit Hymn #2, The Spirit of God. Yeah, that's not exactly an EASY one. This year, though, I'm going to play each hymn 2-3 times and then just move on to the next hymn. I'm on hymn #40 now, and I'm beginning to feel more confident on my sight reading skills. The piano is a funny thing for me-I've technically been playing since I was 8, but my piano skills do NOT show that. I have a great foundation in piano, and now I want to build on that foundation and be able to play ANY HYMN IN THE HYMN BOOK! Well, that's my goal.

Can I just say that I have been missing out GREATLY in the bedtime department. We have been putting Anna to bed at 7pm. Oh my goodness, now I actually have a few hours at night to do things. It's amazing. :)


Melisa said...

Yeah for dishwashers! Love 'em!

I really want to learn to play the piano. I'm hoping some day we'll have a house big enough to fit one. Can you imagine one in my house now?! hahaha

My nights keep my sanity. We've been trying to get the boys to bed earlier, but it doesn't help because then Calet wants attention. I want my nights back! Isn't it lovely getting Anna to bed so early! Does it make her less tired or cranky during the day? Does she get up earlier than she used to?

Queen Mother said...

I'm sure you'll pick up on the piano really quickly-you are a smart gal! Watch out on learning the hymns though-they'll ask you every Sunday to fill in during Relief Society or primary or even Sacrament meeting! (I am always filling in....)