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Saturday, March 10, 2007


This morning Anna & I went down to the local YMCA and signed up for membership. I took Anna down to the nursery and walked around the indoor track for 40 minutes listening to my ethnic music on my MP3 felt really good. I plan to go workout 6 days a week (all but Sunday).

Well, yesterday while making dinner, I unwisely put some potato skins down the we aren't allowed to access the kitchen sink NOR use it in any way. Try going a whole day without using your kitchen sink. To make things worse, I did a lot of cooking/baking yesterday + we had some company = lots of dirty dishes, and we have no way to clean them, therefore we don't have very many CLEAN dishes...which makes eating Tyler took us out for dinner at BIG BOY. It was a glorified hamburger joint--meaning they charge more, the food wasn't necessarily any better than WENDYS--but it was a quaint little place, and it was nice spending time with my family. :)


Kathey said...

Hi Jill,

I imagine that lots of people have had garbage disposal mishaps. We lived in a ground-floor apartment when we were first married and neither of us had ever had a garbage disposal before. Garbage disposals by definition dispose of garbage, right? So the kind of garbage shouldn't matter, right? I put artichoke leaves down ours and clogged the sink royally. Unfortunately I had to run upstairs and tell the woman in the apartment above us to stop running water in her sink, because it was threatening to overflow into our kitchen. Arrrrrrgh!

Since then I've learned to clean everything reasonable out of the sink by hand, and just use the disposal for the little things that get away. Oh Well!

Love, Kathey

TickleMeCahokia said...

LOL! That wasn't directed toward you but I was remembering the last time I clogged ours...I had had a mocktail party around christmas time. My friend brought these little plastic muscle men that hang on your glass to help identify your drink. (The things to don't plan on when having that kind of

Anyway, I had one on my drink, and ended up dumping it into the blender while I was remixing the thing with more (Virgin) Daquiri mix. I didn't notice til I was drinking and had to spit out a pink, well=muscled, arm...LOL

So, later, somehow, one of the little men must have found his way into my disposal. (Such squirrelly creatures, men, plastic and otherwise...) I ran the disposal, couldn't figure out why it was making that noise, and then stopped. I reached in to fish out whatever stopped it and, you guessed it...pulled out a green arm, torso, and head...LOL...we were without a disposal for about 3 days. Hopefully, yours isn't out that long.