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Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Well Tyler turned the big 29 today. He went to work early--he's on a 6am wake-up kick. I didn't workout today because I strained my back yesterday. I wasn't even doing anything really crazy either--just strained it. Tyler, my unofficial doctor, recommended that I not overdo it today. Since he has history with back pain--I followed his advice and skipped my YMCA visit, which upset Anna...however, I feel fine today so I plan to return to the Y tomorrow morning. HOORAY! I've never had back pain before--I'm such a wimp when it comes to pain. *sigh* My poor husband has it pretty often and he rarely complains. What a man!

Fertility update: yesterday my ovulation prediction kit showed a positive reading which means that I should have ovulated either last night, today or possibly tomorrow. (Kristina or Deena--is that right?? I seem to remember it happens within 2-3 days from a positive reading) ANYHOW. That's more progress. I hoped that clomid would be my ticket to ovulation and so far I've had 2 positive readings now. YAY!

Tyler came home for lunch--we had crepes. We put some leftover homemade cherry pie filling (leftover from the Black Forest Cake that I made for our company yesterday + for Tyler's birthday cake; it's a HUGE cake) in the crepes instead of strawberries and topped it with real whipped cream. mmmmm. The cherries were good, although it was hard for me to get over not having strawberries in them for a birthday. If you know me--you know how I love TRADITIONS!!! My theme song could be that "TRADITIONS" song from FIDDLER ON THE ROOF! In fact, Tyler sometimes sings that song to me when I won't budge on a certain tradition...I'm so stubborn sometimes! At least I'm married to a man who doesn't mind're the best, Tyler!

I went to the rehearsal for the musical number for tomorrow's enrichment meeting--they're singing MY SISTER'S HANDS written by Sally Deford--who composes music that you can download for free at The song is going to be lovely. :) Then I taught Lea a voice lesson. She's really coming along-even gained a note in her upper range. :)

For Tyler's birthday dinner we had steaks, baked potatoes, italian cheese bread, & broccoli with cheese sauce. It was really yummy and way too much food. We have leftovers, but can you really eat a leftover baked potato or steak? It doesn't seem like you could. After dinner we went over to Andrew & Angie's house to eat the Black Forest Cake I'd made plus some ice cream, VELVET brand---I MISS BRAUMS!!! *sniff* Melisa, perhaps you could bring me some Braums on your way up here?? I miss that place. Anyhow, I didn't try the VELVET brand ice looked okay. After cake and chatting it up we played some cities & knights. I know that you should always let the birthday boy/girl win on their day--but I won! I've never won on the cities & knights version, so it was especially exciting. Tyler has won every game we've played with that expansion previous to tonight. For his birthday I bought him the game BATTLESHIP, plus a fancy insulated lunchbox and a collared white shirt for church. It was a fun day, at least I hope Tyler enjoyed it. Here's a few pictures:

Tyler making steaks for dinner--I made everything else so don't feel bad for him having to do a little, what man doesn't want to GRILL!

Anna playing outside while Tyler grilled. She loves to play outside...

Anna watching the sword in the stone with Avery & Bryant tonight while we were playing Settlers.

On a serious note, I have reason to repent. I pray to my dear Heavenly Father for opportunities to serve others. Then today I was asked by a sweet friend of mine for some help. I'm frustrated with myself for not just jumping at the chance to help her out. I want to apologize to you--since I know you read this blog. I'm planning to come over on wednesday--it's already written on my planner so I hope you won't try to talk me out of it. I'm ready & willing to help you in any way. You're my friend and you've always been ready & willing to help me. I love you. Please forgive me.


Melisa said...

I guess I shouldn't say that Brooke brougt me over some Braum's today. hee hee

Sounds like a wonderful day. Sorry about your back. Ugh. I hate back pain. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

For leftover steak, slice it into fairly thin strips, grill or saute some onions and bell peppers, and make some fajitas. You might also try marinating the meat (don't know how cooked meat takes to marinades, maybe I should try that too), but served with some salsa (the only time I actually like vegetables other than onions and corn, btw) and sour cream and cheese could be a really tasty way of utilizing leftover steak. Or cube it up and toss it into an omelet (sp?) or make a steak burger. But I love having leftovers. When I eat out, I always take half the entree home to eat at a later time. It's the only way I can justify to myself spending $7-10 on a meal out. And I've watched my family reheat a steak and eat it later, so I know some people do that too.

Back pain blows chunks. I've had a herniated disc, and it was at least 2.5 months before I could kind of walk normally and at even a decent SLOW speed. Stay happy.