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Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm Steppin' Out With My Baby

We went the YMCA...4 days in a row now...almost a habit, eh? I was able to exercise on the treadmill for 25 minutes until my blister began to ache a bit, I did some arm weights and then did 15 minutes on the eliptical. The kids LOVED their time in the MAT room, and I enjoyed chatting with Sarah.

After Anna went to school, I took a shower and got all gussied up...want to know why? My husband and I had a lunch date today! HOORAY! Dating hasn't been common during our marriage. Tyler didn't date while growing up and he & I didn't exactly "date" while we were dating/engaged, we sort of just hung out. Of course, when I think of what a date is, this is what pops in my head: Someone asks the other person on a date. If accepted, a date/time/location of activity is usually discussed. Then on the appropriate day, that first someone goes to pick up the other and off they go. My idea of a date is NOT when you happen to be watching a movie with someone (alone without kids) and they say at the end of the movie, we could count this as our date this week! Yeah, that doesn't quite work for me. However, the problem is: we don't have the idea of having a lunch date (at a restaurant) once a week is more than we can afford. So, that whole thought process kind of made our date bittersweet--wondering when we'll ever be able to do it again, etc. I need to work harder at just ENJOYING & the PRESENT! Anyhow, here's a picture I took of myself all gussied up. Of course, I was the only person home when I took the picture, so you can't see the cute outfit that I was wearing!

I really enjoyed our date. It was nice talking with Tyler about various things. He's a good man. He's smart, intelligent, and sincerely loves me. :)

When Anna got off the bus, she was completely bawling. I ran out to see what was wrong and noticed that she didn't have her backpack--that was the cause of all the tears. I asked the bus driver where the backpack was and she said it never made it on the bus. *sigh* So, I packed my sweet girl up and headed to the preschool, hoping it would still be open and it was. Her backpack was in her classroom and once she had it back--there was a big smile on her face. I felt like such a good Mom taking her to get the backpack. She was so distressed--and her Mama saved the day! I feel like romping around the house with a SUPER MAMA red cape tied around my neck...

I've been cleaning like CRAZY! I've cleaned both bathrooms--I mean, really SCRUBBING it up! Next I have plans to do the kitchen...but I'm quickly losing steam and sitting here at the computer isn't exactly making me motivated to get it done tonight. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

You know, in my mind what qualifies as a date could be anything that involves two people spending time together. I love movies, alone, with someone specific, with friends, but I'm not inclined towards movies as dating activity. It certainly counts, especially if both people are agreeable, but I prefer dates where I'm doing something, like miniature golf, going for a walk, even shopping (and yes, I like to). But mostly I just want an activity that allows my date and me to talk, which can be any of those events, or dinner (which could be followed by a movie if you want to be cliche), or an aimless drive around town. Mostly, I just like to have a good, interesting conversation. Can you do all of these things anyway, without it being a date? Of course. But if money's tight (and when is it not?), these things can be fun and they don't have to be expensive if you don't want them to be. What about playing croquet in the yard (assuming you have no more snow, have a croquet set, and the weather's decent)? To me, anything that gets the two of you alone together, doing something you both enjoy, should qualify as a date.

On a slightly more personal note, sometimes I think you just have to spend the money, even if you shouldn't, for a meal alone with your date. As long as you're talking about intellectually stimulating topics while you eat, you're on the right track. My opinion, of course untested because I'm delightfully single, is that it's better to spend a little money you don't have or shouldn't afford if it's helping to keep your relationship maintained, interesting, and happy. Having carefully monitored debt and a divorce isn't something I would seek out or brag about. I think it's really important to try to get out of debt, but not at the risk of everything else. If you'd like to go out to eat every week, but don't want to spend that much money, why not do that once or twice a month? And as for going out to eat, it could be at (EWW) McDonald's if you want it to be. Kim and Jeannie Burnham used to have lunch dates at Carl's Junior and Burger King. There'se nothing wrong with that. In fact, it could be kind of fun to get "all gussied up" and go to Carl's. Can you imagine the people staring...? But then, that doesn't bother me.

Here's to lots of happy dates!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted the picture. Next time I challenge you to take the camera with you to the restaraunt and ask a person/your server to take a picture of the both of you together. It will be nice to have a picture to remember those fun times. By the way, great job on all that gym time!!!