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Monday, March 19, 2007

Night Owls

I was so pleased to see several people show up at choir practice this morning. When they sang The Lord's Prayer, the Spirit was SO strong! It was beautiful!! I hope they all will continue to come so we can sing well on Easter Sunday in 3 weeks. :)

After church I came home, made lunch and then took a NAP! We were up late last night getting to bed by 1am and waking up at 7am this morning. *sigh* Plus, as you can see, it's already 12:20am and I'm not ready for bed yet. *heavy sigh* After my nap, I went with Nathan & Heather to Stake Choir practice. It was wonderful! Nothing like the last time I went...I don't know why I didn't enjoy myself the first time. I think I was looking to sing something challenging & I sightread the whole cantana easily. But the music is very moving & emotional--so that's nice. Afterwards the Pitchers came over to have some chocolate cake that I'd made for Tyler (we don't need a whole cake with only 3 people in the family). They came over at 9pm and left at midnight. We had a great time and the girls played so well. Of course, Anna went to bed almost immediately after they left---such a tired baby! Anyhow, they're really nice. We've been wanting to find some more families to do things with and they seem like they're looking for the same thing. Nice day. :)

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Melisa said...

What's so important that you had to be up so late? hahahaha

Thanks again for laughing with me. Love and miss ya!