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Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Whole Lotta Nuthin'

We all three went to the YMCA early (9am) this morning. It was nice to be there as a family. :) We hurried home to get the house ready for the Voice lessons I taught at 11am. I taught two sisters, one 11 the other 13 years old. It was interesting to see how different they are in their voices. It was wild when they left they paid me $20. I was like, wow...they paid me money for doing this...amazing. I mean, I do my best to teach them, but I guess I never thought anything I knew would be worth $$ someday...but even so, it's just $10 for 30 minutes. :)

After the voice lessons, we made homemade pizza and played games until 1:30pm. Then we packed up and went to Shannon's house where Tyler watched the kids & Shannon came with me to the baby shower for Amy. The shower went well. They had some cute games including one where they melted mini candybars in clean diapers and you had to guess which ones they were...kind of a gross idea but still fun.

After that we went by Deena's house to chill a while. After that--we did a whole lotta nuthin' for the rest of the night. We went by Target to find an Easter dress for Anna, but I only saw sleeveless dresses and I don't want to do that with Anna. When she was a toddler I bought some cute tank tops from OLD NAVY, but I decided that I don't want her to be in the habit of wearing them now. ANYHOW. We couldn't find one at Target so we drove over to Wal-mart and found a cute pink/white checkered dress. It's really cute, I'll post pictures in a few weeks. Then we bought some groceries (of course) for a potential dinner tomorrow...we've invited a couple over but it hasn't been completely CONFIRMED that they'll be coming...I hope we can make some friend here who like games...right now it feels like we're the only ones who like to play them!!! (Melisa, where are you???)


Melisa said...

Don't worry! I'm comin'! At least a little closer... Thanks for the chat and laugh yesterday!

Carina said...

Hey, if we lived closer to you or if you lived closer to us we'd come over and play games with you any day! It's hard in Provo where most all of the married couples are either really young and still in school or older with children already grown up, which makes it hard to relate at times. Oh, well. We're still getting used to the whole married thing, anyway :P.

And I really admire your striving to make sure you get modest clothes for Anna--teach them correct principles now. I plan to do the same thing with my children. You're such an awesome mommy!