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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Staying Home

We woke up this morning to Anna saying her tummy hurt. This was the first time that Anna had ever said this to me, so I was concerned and certainly didn't want to take her to church if she didn't feel well--plus I don't think it's right to bring a sick child to church where she can spread it around--so Anna & I stayed home. I'm sure there's about 5 people not pleased about receiving a phone call from me before 8am this morning. I had to find a replacement for choir practice, chorister, etc. It all worked out...and Anna never did throw up--but better safe than sorry and she rested quite a bit, which helped. Poor girl. 5 minutes before church was ending, Anna said she wanted to go to church and that she missed going to primary. :(

Since Anna didn't show any signs of being sick or contagious, we still had a new family over for a nice buttermilk waffle dinner. It was nice to get to know them and they have a daughter a year younger than Anna--they had a GREAT time playing. Before we knew it-it was time for Stake Choir practice, so Heather & I went to that. We're working on an Easter Program. The music is really lovely, but I was hoping for something more challenging...I was able to sight read the whole cantata...I think I need to address my desire to sing & be heard. I have this voice, which I honestly think is really beautiful. I feel that I can sing very well...and I want to USE my voice. But how? I'm seriously considering the idea of taking some voice lessons...I don't want to digress in my talent--I want to improve.

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