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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Taking It Easy

Tyler encouraged me not to go to the YMCA today...he figured that today might not be the best time to go "jumping up & down." He's probably usual. :) So we stayed home from the Y. Poor little Anna. She hasn't been able to go play in the mat room this whole week due to visiting teaching and now I'm trying to take it easy...I signed her up for more swim lessons & also tee ball in the summer. FUN!

Today I tidied up the house & put away some laundry. I taught a voice lesson to Lea. Anna & I watched the new Charlotte's Web. It had been so long since I'd seen it--I didn't really remember the story--Julia Roberts did a great job, I think. I read that Oprah Winfrey was on there, too...was she one of the cows? Does anyone know? I kept trying to identify who she was...

This evening I had a recipe exchange at my house. The idea was to bring your favorite recipes plus a sample to share. There were 4 of us present and TONS of food. It was really fun! I hope to do it again next month...I am in need of some more main dish recipes...I'm somewhat bored with mine...

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