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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Prophet said to plant a garden

It's spring break this week. Isn't that crazy? Spring break in APRIL and not MARCH. It's enough to throw me off. Since Anna will not be going to school I have the pleasure of trying to fill the time with other worthy activities. To start things off, we slept in a bit today and took a while getting to the YMCA, around 10am. After my 30 minutes on elliptical and 20 minutes on leg weights, Anna & I joined Jenn, Angie, & Sarah in the mat room while the kids ran free. I set up a playdate with each family this week. That should help pass the time until school is back in session.

I had a voice lesson with Lea, she's doing a great job. She's singing The Melody Within from Rigoletto (from FFF) for the ward classical recital next month. She's doing a great job. :) It's fun to teach voice lessons.

Anna & I went over to Angie's house. Anna had a great time playing with Avery & Bryant. I cross stitched while Angie made dinner. We had a really nice, relaxed time. I came home to whip up some spaghetti, corn, & garlic toast. YUM!

We had such a great FHE this evening. We read a little lesson out of this book, which is a must for any family that has young kids! We did the lesson entitled Family Garden. We sang a couple of songs, including the title of this blog, then we set out to plant some seeds & the two broccoli plants that we have in the square garden. Tyler made a grid on the top and so it's all set. Some of the seeds we planted were so's hard to imagine anything growing from them! After we came inside we decided some hot chocolate was in order and we had some while playing a game of Battleship. It was one of those FHE that really work, ya know? Everything went perfectly.


Josephus said...

I've never got to hear you sing Opeara=(

Dana said...

She's pretty much amazing...really...though she may not tell you that! LOL

Melisa said...

I'm starting to learn why parents dread spring break and summer so much. Keeping those kids busy is such a workout! Good luck!