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Thursday, May 17, 2007


I went in for another ultrasound this morning followed by an estrogen blood draw. Earlier this week I was on 75 for gonal-F and my estrogen was a 35, so the dr had me up my dosage to 150 on the gonal-F and today my estrogen is 75 which means IT'S WORKING. HOORAY! My left follicle was a 10, I believe it goes up to 18? Is that right?? I can't much to learn!

While Anna was in school, I went to wal-mart & bought some canning jars and I made some cookie mixes in jars to take to my visiting teaching ladies & my companion. It was really fun to make them and I made some recipes that I hadn't heard of before--for example, one was a chocolate cookie mix with pecans. I'm not much of a pecan person (or any nut, for that matter) but it seemed like something people would like. I suppose I'm a bit different because I will make a recipe that I don't like (or won't eat) and take it to a function anyway because I know that other people will really like it. Example, I have a recipe for a shrimp dip. It has cream cheese, shrimp sauce, shrimp (naturally), green onions & shredded cheese all layered and then you eat it with crackers. Most people just LOVE it, so I bring it. Even though it's not something I would really eat. Is that odd? I guess I like to please others and I don't mind getting compliments on my cooking/baking either...

I went out to deliver some "cookie mix in a jar" thingys to the ladies I visit teach. It was fun to make them and deliver them as well, plus I got to hang out with Sarah a bit. She's such a great gal. Well, it's time to get my baby to bed.

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Update on my recital: the AC in the concert hall messed with my reeds, so I definitely had a few response issues. Let me tell you, I still get nervous when I play bassoon and sing for music people, but I don't get nervous singing at church. But I do when play bassoon at church. Weird, huh? Anyway, someone, an undergrad flute player but a senior, told me that I played the best recital she had ever heard here at school. What an awesome compliment! And I passed! That means that I don't have to do any additional recitals unless I don't pass my next one. I think, now upon reflection, that I played some beautiful music despite weird things happening to my reeds.

Does the higher estrogen level, or hormone level whatever it was, mean that you are more likely to get pregnant? Or at least that things in your body are lining up the way they are supposed to for you to get pregnant sooner? Congratulations on whatever this means.

That shrimp dip sounds yummy. And I like all of the ingredients. Could you send it to me??? Please?? Thanks for the other recipes. I'll try them very soon.