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Monday, May 07, 2007


Fertility update: My period showed up today and I have a negative pregnancy test that I took seems that I always take the pg test the day before my period arrives...sigh. I was really pumped about my last cycle because it introduced IUI (insemination) and I hadn't done that before. I hoped that it would solve all my problems and that pregnancy would result. No such luck. This next cycle I am moving on to injections or the "big guns" as my friend, Kristina, calls them. That means I will be giving myself shots in my abdomen which I think are supposed to help the egg develop enough for ovulation and then I'll have the IUI again. Let's hope THIS works. Let's hope. Let's pray. PLEASE!!!!!!!! Knowing that my period arrived today, my sweet husband came home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. :)

Today I tried to be productive, but I was moving along sluggishly mourning the loss of the past cycle. I actually read that it's completely normal to feel a sense of loss when your period comes during infertility. Has anyone felt this or can relate? It was hard to do much...I clipped coupons, did some laundry and checked my email. I did dishes, too, and made one of my favorite meals: Brazilian Estroganoff. (YUM) It has rice, stew beef, corn, peas, tomato sauce, & whipping cream (oh yeah) and you eat it with nacho cheese doritos. F A B U L O U S. My good friend, Nilma, taught it to me. (Yes, she's from Brazil) If this sounds good to you--email me for the recipe.

Anna moved up to the next level in swimming lessons at the YMCA. She did a good job, however, due to lack of knowledge of what it means to move along the wall of the pool--she swam out on her own, became tired, and started going under...scaring her Mama! The teacher noticed her coughing and pulled her up. He again asked that she move along the wall of the pool. When we got to the car I talked to her about what happened. She asked me what the wall of the pool was...she's only 5, I should assume she knows EVERYTHING just yet. Poor girl.

Tyler is out mowing the lawn. My brother arrives tomorrow from OK. He'll be visiting for a couple of months. Anna talked to him on the phone today (it's his birthday) and she told him that she is lonely because she doesn't have any brothers or sisters or a baby and since he is coming to visit that means he can be her brother and sleep in her room in her sleeping bag which is pink and has princess written on it with a lovely pink crown for a pillow...she went on & on...ha ha. I hope he's ready for all the attention his neice will be giving him once he arrives. She's such a doll.


Anonymous said...

That was nice of Ty and I'll be praying for you all. Tish

Nina said...

Hmm...can't really relate since I NEVER have periods. So when I have one I am elated at any sign that my body might actually be working. Even a little.

Kristina said...


Sweetie I'm so sorry. And yes I totally relate to the sense of loss during infertility. I can't describe it, just know that I know *exactly* how you feel. I wish there was something I could say, but there really are no words.

I hope that the injectables (the "big guns") work for you-my first cycle of them failed, but my second round brought me my beautiful Matthew. If you need any help with mixing the drugs or injections or whatever, please don't hesitate to ask. You have my number.

I'm always praying for you and always thinking of you.

love you sweetie.