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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lesson Learned

This morning I went to church to practice a piece of music with a gal from church. We're singing a "duet" from the Messiah. It's labeled a duet but we don't actually sing together--at all. She sings the first two pages, which are for an alto, and I sing that last two pages, which are for a soprano. Anyhow, back to the point here. As you may know, I have taken voice lessons and studied music for a long time. I like to think that I'm a good singer and that people enjoy hearing me sing. This woman has not had training that I know of and she is much older than I am. We were at the church before anyone had arrived except the accompanist (naturally she had to be there) and a friend, Penny, who was sitting in the front. As this woman sang her two pages, I noticed that Penny began to cry. This got my attention and I realized that she was feeling the Spirit as my friend sang. I sang my part as beautifully as I could, but no tears fell. I thought about this for a while and came to this conclusion: No matter how trained or untrained your voice is--if you have the Spirit while you sing, that is most important. I hope & pray that I will have the Spirit when we sing next week. Feeling the Spirit is more rewarding than hearing a beautiful singer sing.

We had Sarah & her family over for dinner. The kids were a bit wild, but they allowed us some adult time to chat & play scattergories. It was a lovely evening. Although, Anna did some things she shouldn't have done while her friends were here. For example, she colored all over her white door in orange marker (something she knows not to do). *sigh* I think that when she has friends over she doesn't always remember or perhaps, choose to follow the rules we have laid down.

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