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Monday, May 14, 2007

Let's up the dose

I went in for a vaginal ultrasound this morning (what a phrase to start a blog entry, happy thought--isn't it??) to see how the injections are helping. They found that the dosage wasn't quite enough, so he doubled, yes DOUBLED it for the next 3 days. It was 75 and now it's 150. We'll see if that works. Other than that I got to have my blood drawn. Seriously, that kid looked 18 years old. Definitely a rookie. Before he began I warned him that my veins are hard to get. He looked a bit worried which certainly didn't help me feel confident in his abilities. He had me make a fist and then felt my vein-just to be sure he had this other guy come & feel it to "make sure," before he stuck me. Yeah, well, he missed it. (big surprise) I asked him to please not DIG but start over. I think his confidence was shot by this point (and my lack of confidence in him was confirmed). The guy next to him was disappointed in my rookie not getting the vein, so he whipped out this needle and had my blood drawn in like 5 seconds. Yeah, next time when I check in at the desk--I'll ask for him. :)

Tyler met me on-base with Anna and we gassed up then I took Anna shopping at the commissary, came home & fed Anna lunch then I cleaned and read up on Melisa's blog, who apparantely didn't fall off the planet, but it felt like it, then I gave Lea a voice lesson, then made dinner, then took Anna to the Y. I did 30 minutes on E, then Anna had her swimming lesson. We came home, ate dinner, had FHE, and now my husband & I are going to watch the netflix movie that came in today--starring Shahrukh Khan (who else?), entitled English Babu Desi Mem. Anyone seen it? I hope it's good...

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