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Monday, May 21, 2007

On your march, get says, GO!

I think we need to help Anna learn the correct words for certain phrases, although it is fun to hear what words she thinks people are saying...precious girl of mine.

This morning I went in for another lovely ultrasound and my Dr said that one of my eggs is at an 18 which means HCG shot tonight and IUI at 11am on wednesday. (insemination = IUI) However, on wednesday I was scheduled to watch a little girl all morning, so I had to cancel that, then I had to find someone to keep Anna and take her school--one of my fabulous friends is doing that, and then Tyler came home today saying that he has a meeting at 10am at work. Uh-oh. He sent an email & hopes to move the meeting back. I hope they can, otherwise this whole IUI won't materialize...just more drama for me to deal with.

My friend, Melisa, called me today. They are moving just 3 hours away from me & I'm so excited! I told her that she could follow us wherever we moved...3 hours isn't too bad compared to the 14 hours away she lives now! I feel a game of spades coming on the horizon...

I practiced the piano today and then gave Lea a voice lesson. I whipped up some Four Cheese Jumbo Shells for dinner and then took Anna to the Y early so I could exercise, something that has been very difficult to do with all my morning doctor visits. I did 20 on E and 10 on T, then took Anna down the hall to her swimming lessons. She's doing pretty well. She doesn't always do what the swimming instructor asks her to do. After the lesson, I asked her if she didn't understand what the instructor was asking or if she just didn't want to do what they were asking. She replied that she didn't want to do it. Hmmmmm. I reminded her that she's there to learn how to swim and they're teaching her that, so if she doesn't want to learn then the swimming lessons should stop. That seemed to get her attention...I think.

We stopped by ALDI's on our way home. Their food is so cheap, it's hard to imagine paying more money for just a brand name somewhere else, although on some items it's necessary because I'm a food snob. We ate dinner and we're going to have FHE shortly. Tomorrow I'm doing another liver cleanse. I want to fit one more in before we potentially become pregnant. Hello epsom salts...gag.

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