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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where am I?

I had 2 voice lessons today at my house--they went quite well. Tyler took Anna to a kindergarten picnic at her new school. They went on a tour of the school and they even have a music room! I grew up in an elementery school with a music room---which I thought was typical in all schools, but Anna's current school doesn't have one. That makes me sad...however, her new school will, that is the important thing.

I went to wal-mart to purchase a new dvd player--since ours died a tragic death. Like most stores, they had the dvd players out of the boxes on display and then the boxed up dvd players were stored below. I found a PHILIP'S brand that looked really nice, so I looked for the corresponding box to check out its features. One one of the sides it was in french, I flipped it over for the english side..except, it was spanish. Hmmm, I thought, Where am I? France? Mexico? NO-USA, where the predominant language is english. Or so I thought.

I went grocery shopping, taking my time because I could, and the whole time thinking how nice it was not to be a in a hurry since I didn't have anything to hurry home to do. WRONG. Tyler called me at 3:30pm saying, "The Home Teachers are here, where are you?" So much for being able to take my time...

I'm making frog's eyed salad. I've never made it before but it looks TASTY. Anyone ever made it?

Well, we're going to play some games with Anna now. She's been in trouble for the majority of the day because of her behavior at the kindergarten picnic. Apparantely, she threw QUITE a tantrum when it was time to go. Anyone who wants to relive their childhood should remember what it's like to be in trouble.

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