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Monday, June 04, 2007


So I'm still on my period, but it feels like my insides are all falling out. I couldn't leave my house for the majority of the day, because I had to be near the restroom because I was visiting it about every 15 minutes. I wonder if it's related to the nurse called me & I'm going in tomorrow for a baseline scan and bloodwork. Oh joy of joys, I'm already back to the bloodwork. It's just one more reason that I want to become preggo---to end the bloodwork that occurs 2-3x each week. Does anyone know what a baseline scan is? I haven't heard of it before...

My grandparents had breakfast with us and then drove off to visit Aunt Rhoda. It was so nice to see them. I miss my grandma. She is very special to me.

So, I was home all morning and most of the afternoon. Lea came over for her voice lesson. It went well. She's going to sing a duet with her Dad in church. What a wonderful experience that would be. I've never had that opportunity.

After dinner, we went over to Amy & Kacey's house for FHE. We had a great lesson on memorizing hymns and then played Carcassonne, which was really fun. It always takes me a little while to get a new game learned. My favorite game is Settlers which I could play everyday, if possible. It took me quite a while to learn Settlers so that I could feel strategic in my playing. Tyler seems to catch on faster in these types of games, so then the real struggle (& the fun part) is whether or not I can beat my husband!!!


Melisa said...

Ugh. That does NOT sound fun. It's like adding insult to injury, no?

How long will your grandparents be in town? Hope you have tons of fun!

Anonymous said...


I forgot my info to sign on so I'll login as a guest.

A baseline ultrasound is the ultrasound they do at the start of the cycle to see where things stand and if you're good to go for another injectable the ovaries look, search for cysts, the state of the uterine lining, etc.

I'm praying for you..and that you'll have an HCG of at least 24 tomorrow!!!