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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Is 12 a lucky number?

This morning I met Tyler on-base and he took Anna home as I went in for my blood draw & baseline scan. I had prayed that the blood draw would be painless, and it really was--much to my happiness. =) I went to the women's health center for the baseline scan, which meant a vaginal ultrasound to see if there are any cysts on the ovaries. Apparantely, I have 2 cysts--one on each ovary--and they are big enough that my Dr doesn't want to do another cycle of injections right now, because that could make the cysts grow and that could damage the ovaries. SO--we're going to "sit this cycle out" relatively speaking=no injections or HCG shot this cycle. The Dr said it's not uncommon for couples to become pregnant on their own in this particular situation, so we're hoping for the best. When I heard the news, I had mixed reactions. Part of me welcomed the time off from the injections and all the stress therein, but I was also sad to not be actively trying for another baby.

Once I was home, I received a call from the nurse. She said my HCG blood work showed 12 which was higher than they expected. 6 = not pregnant, 35=pregnant. 12 is somewhere in the middle. So, the nurse explained that either I was pregnant for a very short amount of time and then had a miscarriage or that I could still possibly be pregnant. I'm going back on thursday for another blood draw to see if it has gone up. If so, then we could have some good news, if not, well we'll just try, try again.

I had a dental appointment today. I can't remember my last cleaning. Growing up, we faithfully had our teeth cleaned every 6 months. While Tyler's family only went to the dentist if something hurt (Tish, that's what he says, I don't know if that applied to just him or everyone). So, my teeth are nice & clean now. It's so nice to have dental insurance now. In college we didn't have it--you just can't afford it. Anyhow, they wanted to do an x-ray, but couldn't since there's a chance I could be pregnant. I want to see if that tooth that was giving me trouble was anything more than a fleeting, sharp pain. (Let's hope it was!)

We're researching a new all-in-one printer (copier, fax, scanner, & printer) because ours is on the fritz. I have some photos I'd like to scan, but can't. It's frustrating, but I found one on for $29.99 after the mail-in rebate. We'll see.


Nina said...

It reminded me of that joke about being sort of pregnant. I guess one can be sort of pregnant. So, is this considered good news by the medical people. Like, "we know you can get pregnant". Or more like "whatever".

Melisa said...

I'm curious as to how this will all play out...

Are they going to do anything about the cysts?

Brad and I haven't had dental insurance either, so we just paid to have cleanings done out of pocket. We would sometimes only go once a year because of the cost. I am thrilled to be getting insurance in July. And really health insurance will be a thrill too. I am quite excited for that!

I love TigerDirect, but I am getting much more jaded about rebates. I'm just tired of all of the work. I'm a minimalist lately. I just tell Brad if he wants to buy it, he's in charge of the rebate. Happy hunting!

Anonymous said...

I hate rebates too. It's a marketing scam. They want to increase sales through a sales promotion, but they only want to give out a portion of the promotion (they know that only a portion will do the work to get the rebate). Just give it to me at the reduced price already.

Melisa said...

Hey! Were is your post! I was wanting a Jill-fix. hahaha

Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

FYI, we fixed the scanner. Now we don't need any new product. I get the last laugh on the battle with those squirrly rebate-giving cons.