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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Everybody watch out!

Am I missing something here??


Landlocked Shores said...

Oh my honey... we need to talk. Has it come down to this? Really... You know where to find me and I have unlimited long distance if needed! Love you - Nicki

Ticklemedana said...

Bwah ha ha ha!! That is possibly THE most awesome thing I've read this month! I was thinking...oh, she'd be mother theresa or some other noble being...but Hitler?!?!?! Watch out Tyler! hee hee hee...mind you, I apparently seek power for it's sexual priveleges, so since that fits ME to a T, this must fit you, too...*WINK*

(To anyone reading this, it was completely in jest...I swear...=)

Anonymous said...

I turned out to be Gandhi. How about that, Gandhi married to Hitler (besides the fact that they are both male).

Carina said...

Hey, I got Hitler, too. Go fig! Us Nazi dictators should stick together.