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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Husband to the rescue

Today was Anna's last day of preschool. And just to add some confusion to our lives, they had the afternoon preschool go to school 1 hour earlier than usual and come home 2 hours earlier than usual. So, instead of 3 hours, it was 2...and the whole times were off. It was crazy--either have it as it normally is or just let them out of school 1 day early. Who decides these crazy schedules anyhow?! As I saw Anna's bus drop her off, I wondered when the next time she would ever ride a school bus. I'm planning to take Anna to & from school beginning with kindergarten. My baby is growing up so fast!

Well, today hasn't been an easy day. When my period came last Sunday, I was upset, but I handled it surprisingly well and just thought we'd try again next cycle. When the nurse called me yesterday and mentioned that my blood tests showed a miscarriage, I was actually kind of happy---thinking that perhaps things were getting closer to working and that a pregnancy would happen soon. But when she said that I could possibly be pregnant now...that has been driving me CRAZY. Am I pregnant? Do I feel any symptoms? It's to the point where I don't know what it feels like to be pregnant or not pregnant--each cycle I would feel a bit tired, and think, Oh, maybe this means I'm pregnant...or maybe I would be really emotional and I thought that that meant I was pregnant...enough to drive the most sane person INSANE. (not that I'm extremely sane, mind you). Anyhow. Tomorrow I'll have my blood drawn and then we'll know.

I was in a pretty lousy mood for the morning/afternoon...focusing on the aforementioned topic. My sweet husband came home & came to my rescue. He took Anna & I bowling, out for dinner and then out for a frosty at Wendy's. It was JUST what I needed. I needed to be out of the house, having a wonderful time with my sweet little family. I was surprised at how much better I felt. My husband is such a terrific man, he's everything that I need and then some. =)


Carina said...

Isn't it amazing what husbands can do for you? I'm glad you have one that takes such good care of you and is so in tune with your needs. It's no wonder it wasn't meet for man (or woman, for that matter) to be alone! Hope all goes well with the blood test; keep us posted! We're rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

It's the least I can do for a wonderful (and perfectly sane, mind you) wife who is going through a hard time. Life is difficult for everyone. And yet, we develop habits of making it even more difficult on each other. We make insulting/belittling remarks in the name of sarcastic humor. etc. etc. etc. I have decided to do all that I can to just be nice and complimentary and service-minded to people from now on. And who better to start with than my eternal companion. And thank you to all who read and support and love me Sweetie.

Anonymous said...

"my" sweetie (not "me" sweetie). I's enlish aint no good a'tall.