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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Preparing for the new course of action

I worked out and then Anna had her swimming lessons. I tell you what, that indoor swimming pool makes that room a SAUNA. (it's a heated pool) I've found that if you work out and then go in the pool room that you continue sweating. Now, I'm sure there is some type of reason for this occurring (science people help us out here) I just don't know what.

Tyler came home to watch Anna during my first round of cavities treatment. I must say, the whole cavity filling process has altered since the days of my youth. I'm a composite person--I don't think that putting metal in your mouth is a smart idea--when I was young I didn't even know there was another option other than metal fillings. When I mentioned that I wanted the composite to my dentist, he informed me that 80% of the fillings he does are, in fact, composite fillings. Who would have thought? The one part of the process that fascinated me most was the blue light. Anyone know what I'm talking about here? They put this gel on the tooth and then put a flashlight of sorts with a blue light in my mouth. (to go boldly, where no blue light has gone before...) Anyhow, this blue light is supposed to make the gel harden. Okay. If you say so. Who's to say it won't? 2 hours later, I was ready for my complimentary ice cream cone, instead I got a bill for $60. That just doesn't seem right, you hurt my mouth and you want me to pay you for it?!

Tonight I had a recipe exchange with Jenn, Nicole, & Jessica. We all had a nice time. I don't think I got one recipe (I spent the evening sort through ones I didn't want of mine) but it was great to chat with them. They make great company. I'm so happy that I have found so many nice people to spend time with here. Ohio is great.

So, I'm preparing to begin my diet on monday. How, you ask? Well, I'm reading the south beach diet book (it always helps to actually know what the diet is, right?) and I'm planning to eat some things that I know I won't be able to eat for a LONG time. For example, I made my crock pot macaroni & cheese for the recipe exchange tonight. Pasta won't be something I'll be eating much on the SBD. I also realized that I will be on the SBD during the 4th of July which messes up my tradition of homemade vanilla ice cream (only the best recipe in the WORLD), so I bought the ingredients & I'm going to make it tomorrow...that way, I won't feel gipped when July 4th rolls around and no ice cream. I am ready to make some lifestyle changes and I'm ready to "live it up" until monday. What would be hard for you to give up?


Tuan's Princess said...

Ok - you MUST share your ice-cream recipie with me. I snagged an ice-cream maker at a garage sale and have been trying out diff. recipies. But I haven't found one that I like yet. :o(

Anonymous said...

Here's the scoop on the sweating in the pool room. The heated pool creates a very humid environment in that room. After excercising, your body is hot. It's natural process for cooling itself off is to sweat. Thermodynamically, evaporation is an endothermic process. What this means is that the sweat pulls heat off of your body in order to evaporate. However, if the air around your body is already saturated with humidity, then evaporation of the sweat won't occur. Bottom line, you are not sweating any more than normal, the sweat is just staying on you rather than "disappearing". If you go to areas of the country that are very humid, say Florida, you feel like you are sweating a lot (sticky). If you go to Arizona, you are dry all of the time. The body is actually sweating the same amount (well, all else being equal) in these different places, you just feel it differently. Caution: drink lots of water in the desert because you lose a lot of fluid through sweating, but you don't know it because you never feel the sweat for very long.
Now you know the science behind the "sweaty" pool room.
BTW, you now know the kinds of answers that Jill gets everytime she asks a question with any possible scientific analysis.

Ticklemedana said...

SBD has these FABULOUS PROTEIN PACKED Meal bars. They come in Vaniila creame, cinnamon sweirl, chocolate crisp, caramel peanut butter crisp, and chocolate peanut butter crisp. They have 20g. of Protein in each. I LOVE THEM. They are huge and filling. Make sure they are the ones that have 20g of protein...there are others. They sell them at Wal Mart and I have found them, on occasion, at Big Lots. Good Luck...I love you! and I'll be darned if DH beat me to the punch on the pool room thing! =)