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Saturday, June 30, 2007


No, I didn't get one. We went to the Air Force celebration for the 4th of July and they call it "Tattoo."

This morning (8:30am) I had another joyous dental appointment. They did 2 fillings. It wasn't too bad, but certainly not enjoyable. I came home & wanted to take a nap but we were late for Tyler's work's picnic. I was worried about what food they would offer, I found some grilled chicken (it wasn't the greatest) and some form of taco salad which tasted really good. Tyler commented that if it was "really good," then it probably had sugar in the dressing. Oops. Well, other than that I've done really well and I didn't want to reason with myself and say that since I already blew it let's eat 2 pieces of the chocolate cake, too! NO! I somehow managed to eat my chicken and the taco salad. YAY! I got to know some people at the picnic who were really nice, one girl said she grew up in Mormonville (UT) and that all of her friends were mormon. (no kidding) She was super nice and just moved here. She has 3 kids and both she & her husband are in the AF. Sabrina actually works in Tyler's office. I also met a family that just moved here from Texas. Nick & Kelli have two kids, one daughter, Madeline, who is Anna's age. They played together the whole time. I think that Kelli would like to become better acquainted with us. It must be so hard moving somewhere new and away from family. (we just did that last year) But being a member of this church makes it so easy. I know that I will have friends wherever I move. It's so wonderful! We're thinking to perhaps invite Nick & Kelli over for the 4th of July. We'll see!

We came home & took naps, then we grabbed some dinner on the way to the TATTOO. We stopped by this chinese restaurant and I got some "chicken on a stick," which was SO yummy! (and I hope it is SBD worthy...I think it is). The TATTOO was way fun. They have several bands that play music, rides for kids, food, etc. We brought our lawn chairs and sat with The Redd's & Pitcher's. We brought our frisbee to toss around. Then we had the airshow at 8pm. Several airplanes will fly just overhead. It's the coolest thing ever! We saw a b-52 bomber, a stealth, f-16, & f-22. The f-22 was amazing! After that we had a firework show. Simply incredible! We went last year, but this year's TATTOO was even better!

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Kathey said...

We were there too. We were way over by the fence and when that F-22 went straight up I thought sure it was going to fall back down on top of us. Talk about heart attack. Jim said it was off to the side of us. My reply was "only about 10 feet!" Actually it was great fun, but the startle reflex caused by the F-22 was a bit strong. We went last year also, and I agree that this one was even better. It's hilarious that some of the car alarms kept going off when those planes flew over. Glad you enjoyed it too. Love, Kathey