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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chinese missionary meal

This morning Tyler & I took a brisk walk after Tyler took Anna & Laura to school. It was nice to reconnect with him while we walked around our cozy neighborhood. He went to work and I cleaned the house. My friend, Cherie, came over to practice some music. She is going to accompany me for my music audition on august 31st. She's such an amazing accompanist-she played Repentir so effortlessly. I went to wal-mart to buy some fish. Not just fish filets--but whole tilapia. We had the missionaries over tonight & felt like some chinese food. We made steamed tilapia, steamed whole shrimp (with the eyes, legs, etc), steamed buns, & lo mein (my first time to make friend noodles). Our missionaries arrived and it was clear that one of them wasn't into the seafood. I felt bad since that included half of the meal. He managed to fill up on noodles & steamed buns while his adventurous companion ate everything including a fish eyeball. (I know, gross) We had some watermelon for dessert, which was good. I haven't had watermelon in over 2 months. I had a small piece...What's the most ethic food you've ever eaten?

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Melisa said...

That Elder is very lucky he is state-side then. :)

I'll try almost anything, but that doesn't mean I'll make a plate of it. One bite is what I consider a try.

Your audition is coming up fast!