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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Germs, followers, and a compliment from a boy...

Tyler & I went swimming at the YMCA. It was really nice and refreshing! Afterwards we went to a quaint little eyeglasses place about 30 minutes away. My glasses are rimless and made from some type of metal--we bought them in Taiwan, so I really have no clue what metal it is--however, it must have some nickel in it because I am having an allergic reaction to it from the temples (the arms of the glasses) along my face. Currently my temples are wrapped in tape, which will become popular someday, I'm sure. Anyhow, they wanted me to pay $80-$90 just for the I would have to drop them off in the morning & come get them in the I would drive another 30 minutes to drop them off, but I can't see without them so I couldn't leave...not really a great option for me. But I have a question--isn't there some type of optical place around that sells 2 frames for $100? We can't seem to remember what that place is...

I had an eye exam this evening--it appears that I now have a small astigmatism in both of my eyes--good thing I got them examined, right? Apparently they have a certain type of lense that helps you see better with an astigmatism. (am I spelling that right??) So while waiting to take my eye exam, I went to check out the styles of frames they had in the store. If you wear glasses, you can laugh along with me when you think about the process of choosing new glasses: You take off your glasses and then try on a pair, but you can't see because they're not your prescription--so how do you really know if they look that great on you???

I am now admitted to college. Next week I will meet with an advisor to see how many of the credits from my first undergraduate degree will transfer (please let all the science & math classes transfer...PLEASE!)

When Anna got home from school she said that a boy spit on her hair. Trying to be sympathetic, I asked her to tell me more about what happened. She said he spit on her hair which means he has germs. She continued and said that her "followers" then told him to leave her alone. I can just imagine a gang of female kindergarteners standing up for Anna to this boy with germs. Then on her ride home with Laura, Michael (Laura's younger brother) told his Mom how pretty Anna is...awww, isn't that sweet?

We had 5 people turn out for volleyball tonight. *sigh* I even called about 15 people last night to remind them...I wonder if we'll ever get more than 5 people to come, that's 3 weeks in a row now...


Anonymous said...

That would be Eyemart Express. I think that you can now actually get 2 pair of "standard" glasses (lenses and frames) for $69.95, or, "designer" for $99.95! Check them out before you get glasses anywhere else!
Love, Suz

Anonymous said...

Tell us how your audition went! If you got in, that means you sang well. But spill the details for those of us who really want know.

The two pairs of glasses for under $100 might have been an Oklahoma thing, since everything is cheaper there, just about! Good luck finding the deals.

Talk to you soon.

Melisa said...

I never thought about that shoppping for glasses thing. How would you see how they looked on you!?

I feel your volleyball pain. I really do. It is hard to get lots of regulars.