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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I heart you

When did you learn to write "I love (replaced by a heart) u"? Apparently it's in kindergarten, because Anna knows & writes it often. She's such a cutie.

Random sighting: I saw a man back up his car to the end of his driveway & hook his trashcan up to the bumper only to drive it up to the house...

I sang in my studio today. It felt good. The accompanist even applauded me after I sang--and she didn't applaud anyone else she accompanied in my studio that day...I feel that I have an advantage over my fellow freshmen voice students: AGE. My voice is older and beginning next quarter I will move on to the hour long voice lessons as opposed to the 30 minute ones I have now...which aren't enough to do much...

Tonight was parent/teacher conferences at Anna's school. Anna's teacher is very nice & I'm pleased to say that she really doesn't have any qualms with Anna whatsoever. Her scores in math are in the 45th percentile and in reading are in the 29th percentile. She says that the main thing they look for is progress, which we won't know until the winter/spring quarters. I'm interested to see which qualities that Anna will excel in--math or music...or both?

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Melisa said...

We have conferences in a couple of weeks. I'm not looking forward to it. I'm not loving his teacher yet.