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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuba Recital

Being a music major, I am required to attend 10 recitals per quarter. Not realizing this earlier in the quarter, I am now having to attend just about any recital that appears on the calendar to get all my recital-attending-time in before the quarter ends. Tonight was the faculty tuba recital. I was intrigued to see what a tuba recital would be like...I mean, who wants to hear a tuba recital, anyhow?! I'm sure that those people who play the tuba enjoy it, but it's not a very popular solo instrument, to my knowledge. I must say that I prefer hearing the Tuba with other instruments, not so much as a solo. There was a brass quintet that played, and I enjoyed that. But I must say that I enjoyed the piano accompaniment more than the tuba part when they played together. And my sweet little girl behaved very well. I daresay that she might develop the desire to play a musical instrument someday...I just hope it won't be the tuba!

It rained all day today. I don't mind the rain--I'm just not fond of being out in it. My classes went well. I taught Lea her voice lesson-she's really making progress, which is fun to see. I went to an AFRL spouse's luncheon on-base. I didn't really know anyone, except one gal who's in my stake. It was interesting to meet so many women-many of which were autumns = very aggressive women. (aren't we, my fellow autumns?) I have so much homework to do, but I want to read my scrippys first. I hope my dear husband is doing all right---he has SO much schoolwork to do...he's sleep deprived, poor guy.


Anonymous said...

Jill, I got a comment on my blog from Lauren (iphillip) and tried to get to her blog from yours, but it wouldn't let me. Could you give me her blog please?? Or if you don't want to you could forward her this message. Thanks!!

Melisa said...

I hope Brad doesn't read this.... ;)