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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Music is what feelings sound like

Today Anna & I did some laundry--she's still excited about it, too--and we did some cleaning around the house. I had desires to exercise, but my feet have been hurting for some reason and I didn't want to hurt them anymore than they already hurt. *sigh*

I did my first color analysis here in Ohio: my good friend sarah. I really enjoy CMAS (Color Me A Season) because it's one-on-one time; I get to know the person better, plus I get to share what I know about each season, the personality traits, the decorating tips for their home, the colors that look best on them, etc. I usually am asked to do a color analysis before a family picture--to make sure everyone is wearing a color that looks nice on them. It's fun to share what I've learned about it and to see other people embrace their "colors." Sarah is an absolute summer---the first absolute summer that I've ever come across, which explains her "PINK" fettish. I would like to do more CMAS here, but the whole cost thing gets me. I charge $20 for a session that takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours, 2 hours for a couple. I feel that it's worthwhile, but I feel funny asking for money, even though it is a home business and it cost a lot to take the course. Oh well, I enjoy it. Maybe other people here in OH will hear about it and will want to do a blog a good place to advertise??

Tonight was the Stake Music Recital. I sang "Ma Rendi Pur Contento," by Vicenzo Bellini. My friend, glittersmama, accompanied me. I really like the song, and she does a great job accompanying me. I will miss her when she moves next summer...*sniff sniff* It's not easy to find someone who works well with you in the piano/vocal duet arena. Because Sarah wasn't able to attend the Stake Music Recital tonight, here's a video of me warming up before the recital:

There was chocolate in my house today. Normally chocolate doesn't call my name. Today it did. I answered its call. Now I feel sick because I don't eat sugar. Not good. I'm dreading my weigh-in on monday now....:o( I can't remember the last time I ate I guess it's good that it's been so helps to think positive when you just messed up, eh?


Melisa said...

Very beautiful song! Great job!

I had no idea singing would be so much work! No wonder I can't do it. I'm too lazy.

You should charge for doing work. Maybe advertise on Craigslist? I think word of mouth might be best, but I don't know. Not really my forte.

I guess the chocolate making you sick is good because you won't want it next time?? :)

Ticklemedana said...

you're so freakin cute! I love the hair, by the way...very chic, my autumn friend...what did you say I was again? a winter? It's been too long. I loved the Jilly bean grin at the end...=)

Tuan's Princess said...

Hey Jill - it's great to see a video of you! I can see that you have lost weight! It's so obvious and you look great! And you sound lovely too! Take care!

Melody said...

Wow, that is absolutely amazing! I am extremely impressed!!! Your voice is angelic and beautiful!