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Sunday, November 25, 2007


I love church. We had a great prelude number called COME UNTO CHRIST by Sally Deford. 3 men in our ward sang it and I could really feel the Spirit. I just wish it weren't so loud during prelude. Reverence is something I think we can improve on.

Today we had a little games/treats party at my house. We invited a few music students from the college to join us. We played Quelf, Pit, Quelf (again), Scattergories, & Eukre - a new game that I hadn't ever heard of until we moved here to OH. It's a fun game, but I need to play more to learn all the strategies. We had a nice time & plenty of food. I made ginger cookies, mini cheesecakes, shrimp dip, meatballs, fudge, pumpkin-banana bread, & hot chocolate. It was so tasty!

Here's a recent music video of Tyler, Anna, & I, click here.

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Drew said...

Thanks, Jill. We loved doing the number and it was a good opportunity to get together with some of "the guys" and do something other than sports. I love that piece and will definitely keep it in my repertoire for later. The Spirit is alive in music! I wish more poeple understood that and were more attentive to it to allow the Spirit in.