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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Let the baking begin

After such a busy baking holiday like Thanksgiving, I am somehow still excited about holiday baking. Tomorrow I'm having a small games/treats night with some fellow music students at my house. Naturally I must have some homemade holiday treats at this occasion. Thus far I have made: mini cherry cheesecakes, pumpkin banana bread, fudge, & ginger cookies. I have yet to make crockpot meatballs, shrimp dip, & perhaps crockpot mint hot chocolate (if I can borrow a crockpot from someone...). One of the guys coming is going to bring homemade salsa & chips, so that will help even out all the sweets. I hope. It should be a fun evening. I think we'll have plenty of good food, at least. Food = fun, right?

In case I didn't mention this before - our Christmas tree is up & decorated. To be honest, it was put up before Thanksgiving. (don't tell anyone). Tyler put up our icicle lights yesterday. I love looking outside our windows and seeing beautiful lights. It makes me happy. What makes you happy this time of year?

Some off the wall thoughts: this is my 500th post on my blog. Who would have thought I'd ever change from your written journal to a blog online? (Thanks, Melisa!) Anna said that she wanted to go on a diet. When asked which kind of diet, she replied "a sugar diet". Many of us are currently on that diet as well...but trying not to be.

Here's some LDS humor for you:


jessica said...

I have a crock pot full of pork roast right now, but if you want to borrow it for tomorrow night I'd be happy for you to come over and work your awesome dishwashing skills!!

(just kidding. you can borrow it though. when do you need it?)

Melody said...

That clip is hilarious! That was dead on!