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Monday, November 26, 2007

Project BABY

Well, it's about time that I get serious about Project BABY (PB for short). When it all comes down to it - my main goal for right now in my life is to have another baby. Therefore, anything that prevents me from realizing this goal is less than important. I have prayed and I feel that when I reach the weight of 270, then we will stop preventing Pierce baby #2 from coming.

Thanksgiving sort of put a wrench in my maintenance of past weight loss. The lowest I ever got to was 306. I began at 330, so that was a loss of 24 pounds. However, for the past 3 weeks I have been at or around 312 for the most part. Then Thanksgiving hit. I had every intention of staying on SBD last thursday. I even made homemade pudding with splenda for dessert. Too bad it didn't taste good and I weakened and had some pie. Well, a lot of pie. Pie is good. I'm getting off-track here... Anyhow, the scale showed 316 this morning. Not such great news. Yesterday I had predetermined to begin SBD phase #1 today, which I did. It was hard because the kitchen is stocked full of non-SBD food items from our party last night. I managed to do very well on the diet until this evening, when I caved a little. Then I determined that the treats had. to. go. My dear friend, glittersmama, volunteered to take some treats off my hands. Hey, what are friends for, right? I appreciated it, especially since I gave her the rest of the mini-cheesecakes, which were especially causing my downfall. Anyhow, the only thing left is some fudge which I will need to get rid of asap, because it's tempting me as well. (fudge anyone?)

So, I'm going to return to the gym (on-base for now) and tomorrow begin anew to eat 100% SBD. I know that it's hard this time of year to avoid treats, but honestly the most important thing right now is PB and if I don't get serious about losing weight - PB won't ever be realized. Next quarter I'm going to take a YOGA class and I'm very excited about it. I think it will be a great tool in toning up my body. If anyone else is striving to be healthy this holiday season, let me know. I could use some support. :o)


Saquel25 said...

Save some fudge for me for Wed. I'll be happy to join in your health goals (after the fudge of course!) LOVE YA

iPhilip said...

bring some fudge for me when you come down.
Also, I'm striving to be healthier.

Tuan's Princess said...

Eating a special diet while others around you don't eat the same is very hard and I empathize 100% with you! But knowing that you are doing it for your child (even one who isn't here yet) is very empowering. We can do it!

shannon said...

I am trying to only have splurgy treats on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years'. All other days treats are strictly prohibited, unless of course, there's a party...then I allow myself to have one or two small things.

My big reward motivation is cute new clothes or a nice lotion or a new project to work on. The less I focus on my prego cravings, the easier it is for me!