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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Laundry Party

There's something magical about the word "party". What's amazing is that you can attach the word "party" to the word "laundry" and then it's something my baby girl gets excited about. I decided that Anna should learn how to put away her own clothes and this "party" is exactly that: we put away laundry. However, my daughter is quite competitive and this motivates her in ways you wouldn't believe. So, the game is: who can put away their laundry the fastest?? Anna always wins. Can you guess why?

I looked up my grades today. Would you believe it? In my eight (yes, EIGHT) classes that I took this past quarter - I earned all A's. That's a 4.0, my friends. I've never achieved this in my high school grades, much less college. This is a call for celebration! Any sugar-free candy out there?

So this morning I went on-base and walked for 20 minutes around the track, at which point my knee was acting up. Pity. I guess that's what happens when I take a hiatus from exercising. I presume that I'll have to ease back into exercising. I did some weights, though, which was nice.

Tyler & I were able to spend some time together today, which was wonderful. It's hard to feel close to your husband when you're doing different things throughout the day or days (or weeks or months). It was nice to spend that one-on-one time together - playing games & talking. How do you keep your marriage strong when life takes over??

So the diet went fairly well today - not perfect, but much better than the past week - that's for sure. I hope that I'll be 100% soon, but for now I'm pleased with my efforts. :o) Be sure to check out the new pictures I posted to the left.

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