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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday is a special day...

Here's my little indian. I guess it means more because we found out last year that Tyler does, indeed, have some native american heritage. :o)

This turkey was a fun project sent home by Anna's teacher to do as a family. In case you're wondering who did the cyclops feather--that would be Tyler...I'm wondering what sorts of crafts he's done in his life up to this point...

One thing to know about me--whenever I buy a present for someone, it's really really really hard to resist giving it to them early. And since I like to buy most gifts very early and I'm a stickler for having gifts ON THE DAY this is a problem. I bought this Sleeping Beauty barbie doll at ALDI (for only $6!) and thought it would be great for a Christmas or birthday gift for Anna...yet, you can see how I couldn't wait until then to give it to her. She's so excited about it-she's been carrying it around all day long...look at that smile. :o)

Yesterday was my last day of classes for this quarter. I'm eager to find out my grades-it's possible for me to get straight a's, something I've never done on the college level. Today was lovely, I was in my jammies until 3pm. I did dishes, spent some time on the phone with my sister Heddy--talking about my new little niece, talked on the phone with Cherie and enjoyed time with Anna & Tyler. Tonight we went to Jeff & Margaret's house for a DIA DE LOS MUERTOS celebration. We made recipes from our family, shared family history stories, and Anna painted a picture of her great grandma, AnnaBelle, on a rock to remember her. It was a very well organized evening and a fun idea for a holiday to do genealogy.

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Melisa said...

How did the grades go?

What tribe is Tyler? I have some Sioux waaaaaay back. We just got the boys CDIB cards last month. It only took them a year. Sheesh.