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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


To most people, being sharp is a good thing. Not so when you're a singer. I went in to see my voice teacher today for my last lesson this quarter. I asked him what he thought of my singing at the vocal rep class last monday. Having heard only very positive comments from everyone, it came as a surprise when he said nothing about my singing except that I was sharp for the last half of the song. I was confused because I had no idea that I was sharp, and if that was the case--then why were people complimenting me? It wouldn't have sounded GOOD if it were SHARP. It was hard news to take since I had thought that I sang very well at the class and now my voice teacher was pretty much saying I messed up. He didn't say anything positive about it. It was all I could do not to cry.

Does anyone know if you can still use outdated children's cough medicine? Does it really "go bad"? Do share.

I had my Italian final tonight. I didn't do ANY studying for it, so I was a bit worried about it. I shouldn't have been worried. It was a comprehensive exam, and since I had been paying attention from Day 1 - it was a breeze. I was the 3rd person done.


Saquel25 said...

I don't know if you know but a lot of children's cold medicine has been found to be usafe recently. I don't know if that includes any cough medicine's as well. I would definitely look into it before giving it to my kids especially if it is expired.

iPhilip said...

Don't cry, dry your eye.

Nina said...

I totally bombed a presentation yesterday myself. I know the need to cry :)