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Monday, November 12, 2007

Shoe Shopping Spree

I feel like a real woman. I went on a shoe shopping spree (doctor's orders, no really!) with my fabulous shoe connoisseur friend, Sarah! We went to dsw and I found 5 pairs of shoes in my 11 size! I bought 4 pairs of dress shoes (2 brown & 2 black) and one pair of black casual shoes. And DSW even had a military discount. That store must be shoe heaven--they had so many styles of shoes! It was fun and I feel so feminine now that I own comfortable and STYLISH shoes. Thanks, Sarah!!!

I had the day off today (meaning no finals & no class). Of course tomorrow I have 2 finals and 2 more on wednesday. I can't seem to get myself to study today--I'm too excited about my 7 week break!!!

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Nope, Cherry Pie deserves its own category, seperate from any other pie.