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Friday, December 21, 2007

Safe in OK

We're here! We arrived in Bartlesville, OK, yesterday & currently we're visiting Tyler's family until monday. So far we've had a grand time! Tyler is already trying to figure out a way to move back to OK, since we would love to live near our family. However, on our drive to OK, we determined what we want to do for the next 5 years - and it didn't involve moving back to OK. :P We are happy to be here and hope the next 2 weeks won't go by too quickly for us.

I've been assisting my fabulous mil (mother-in-law) with some holiday baking and I have two fun holiday treat ideas to share. Make rice krispie treats but add 1 bag of red andes mints (the coarsely chopped kind) when you mix the rice krispies in with the melted marshmallows. I've never heard of peppermint rice krispie treats - but they are GOOD. Another idea from my mil, make chocolate cookies and then mix in one bag of regular andes mints (the coarsely chopped kind). Very tasty!

The internet connection here in B-ville is pretty slow and unpredictable, therefore I may not be posting very often, but I hope you're all enjoying the countdown to Christmas! I know I am!!!

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Melisa said...

Merry Christmas, my dear.

Don't leave me hangin'. What did you guys determine to do for the next 5 years? I hope it is close to me...