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Friday, February 29, 2008

Missed the boat

Tonight is the Elder's Quorum Temple night...and we waited until 4 days ago to call in to the temple - but everything was booked at the 8pm time. EVERYTHING!!! And we already had a babysitter and everything. Oh well. I guess that will teach me to call much more ahead of time. We let our sitter sit for another family instead. Now Tyler is on a date with Anna at McDonald's. She didn't have school today and was desperately needing some time to run around. That girl has some ENERGY, let me tell you!

We went to the library today. The library is a gem of a place to me that I discovered when we moved to OH almost 2 years ago. I never went to the library in OK and now I take Anna to 2 different libraries every week to check out books, cds, & videos. It's a whole new world! :o) And it's all free. Oh yeah.

I'm frustrated that I won't be competing in NATS this year. NATS is a solo competition for voice. I really, really wanted to do it - but because of not having a consistent voice teacher, I won't get to compete this year. And not only that, this week I received an email from my voice teacher that she is too busy with her current students and her doctorate classes to teach me. Now I don't have a voice teacher at ALL. I feel in the dark on what I should be doing with music. I have come to a conclusion, however, that I do not want to sing opera. I would rather compete and sing recitals or oratorios, etc. I'm not comfortable with acting - I would prefer to stand and sing. Now that I know what I want - I aim to find a teacher who can prepare me for it.


Steph said...

Good luck finding a teacher. I am sure that there will be teachers jumping to tutor you! You have a beautiful voice!

Alabama Apples said...

I love libraries!! Not only do I love to read, but it is such a great place to take my boys. They love me reading books to them, but I get tired of the same old stories...variety, the spice of life!! Plus, ours has dvds too, gotta love free entertainment! Good luck w/finding your voice teacher!

Melisa said...

When is the competition? Do you have to have a teacher to do it?

Did she have someone to recommend? I'll bet you find one soon.