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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random tidbits

Today I color analyzed 3 women. It was a very interesting - especially because they were german anabaptists! I have personally not known any before, but have done reports on them in college. They were very, very nice, and the color analysis (CA) was enjoyable. I love doing it. It gives me a lot of insight about them - I especially enjoy CA my friends. :o) Who's next?

I purchased a nintendo 64 on eBay earlier this week. I'm so eager for it to arrive! The seller said he'd mail it out tomorrow - so I won't have it before the weekend. :o( We would also like to have a wii, but they're so difficult to find and I'm honestly just tired of thinking about it. Maybe someday they'll be in stock...I hope.

Last night Tyler & I watched FACING THE GIANTS. Debbie recommended it to me. It was definitely a good-pick-you-up type of show. My only difficulty was the underlying issue of infertility that the main couple was dealing with - we have been trying for our second child for 5 years now and the subject still brings me to tears. But, the movie was very good. :o)

Today I watched Anna Karenina and Catherine the Great. I guess I'm on a Russia movie kick, eh? There is something about Russia that fascinates me, I hope to visit that country someday. Here's a clip from Anna Karenina - I love this song! For some reason, though, the sound/visual become "off" somehow...reminding me of that movie on SINGING IN THE RAIN...yes, yes, yes, no, no, no!


Melisa said...

What games did you get with it?

Alabama Apples said...

So, what is color analysis? You've piqued my curiosity! I read Anna Karinina a long time ago, but the movie looks like it would be so good!!