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Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's not easy having this much fun

This weekend has been fun. Yesterday we went to Anna's ballet lessons - only to discover that they told us the WRONG TIME so Anna was only able to dance for 2 minutes...which really irked my husband since 2 people told him it started at 10:30am...he was NOT we went to Sam's club and bought some stuff - which made us feel better...then we went over to Kathey's to spend some time and for Anna to play with Kirsten. THEN we went home to unload our stuff, followed by some serious nintendo-playin' action at Glittersmama's place. Then we went to wal-mart, because I guess we didn't spend enough money at Sam's club...finally coming home - I baked a cake and we watched some Seinfeld episodes before bed.

I picked up Maria & her 3 lovely daughters for church. Choir practice went well - my friend from college, Amanda, came to choir practice and it was nice seeing her & hearing her sing as well. She has a lovely voice. We're working on The Lord's Prayer right now - it's one of my favorites. After church I made the best crescent rolls I've EVER made - they were perfect. :o) We took a nap and then went over to Kacey and Amy's for a scrumptious dinner and games. It's not easy having this much fun in 2 days - because I have nothing planned for this whole week...whatever will I do to fill the time before the next fun weekend?


Queen Mother said...

When's the big day???? (beta day!)

Melisa said...

Did you have to pay for the class? That would be so frustrating!