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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today I signed back up at the YMCA. I was eager to exercise with my many friends who workout there...except, I was the only one there I knew. Perhaps tomorrow they will be there? (hint hint)

I went VT with Sarah, which was a nice break, then I got a haircut before picking Anna up from school. I taught 3 voice lessons, then made dinner. We went to Lowe's to look at light fixtures. Tyler ordered some lightbulbs that mimic sunlight to help with my CMAS (Color Me A Season) color analysis. I had a phone call last week from a woman who found my CMAS website (that I made and almost had forgotten about altogether) and wanted to schedule an appointment for herself...and 20 other women from her church. Isn't that random? Well, it's pretty cloudy during the winters in OH, so we decided to buy some lightbulbs to help bring the sunlight in now so we wouldn't have to wait until the spring/summer to color analyze. Anyhow, I'm excited. I enjoy color analysis.

I'm feeling rather emotional right now. I think it's the injections (now there's a surprise). I realized that I was different in my attitude when Tyler told Anna that I was having a hard time - but I didn't realize that I was having a hard time. Thank goodness for a wonderful spouse who can read me like nobody's business. He's so patient with me and helps me through life. I cannot imagine living without him - he means the world to me. Tomorrow we're having our first ultrasound on this cycle - I'm eager to see what the doctor says. Are you ready for Valentine's Day??


jessica said...

there's a yoga class at the Y on wednsday and friday mornings at 10:15. i LOVE it!! i go on fridays when i am free of sick kids, which hasn't been super often lately. maybe one of these days i'll see you there :)

iPhilip said...

I hate valentines day and any other holiday where there is an expectation to buy stuff. So I bought nothing...However, I did build a cake that you can see on my blog.