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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Home Study

Tonight we had our second visit of the home study. I think it went really well - the social worker was very down-to-earth and professional. She is going on vacation next week and so she said she will finish up our home study before she leaves - which is a nice perk for us! Tomorrow we're going to get our ASC fingerprints done. I have 3 hours of online adoption education courses and then we're COMPLETELY done (at least on our end) of the home study. Our dossier application is currently being processed and then we'll begin the actual dossier stuff. Whew! Busy, busy! We're having another garage sale this saturday - this will be our third garage sale for the adoption fund. Several people have brought things by, which has been so nice! We feel so blessed to have such kind friends. We know that God is watching over us and helping us through those around us. :o)

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Melisa said...

Every step is another step closer!