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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Overnight Sleep Evaluation

It's the most fun thing ever. If you have one - you, too, can look like me in the picture!

I arrived at 8:30pm and filled out some paperwork. Then I read my scriptures and got ready for bed. The nurse got me all hooked up on about 15 cords attached to various parts of my body (head, face, abdomen, legs, etc) and then I went to sleep for 2 hours while the nurse monitored me by watching through the video camera and the equipment. After the 2 hours, she put on a really stylish face mask and attached it to the oxygen machine (cpap machine). I tossed and turned a lot, but I did manage to sleep some. At 5:30am (augh!) the nurse woke me and up and took off all the sensor thingys. I was free to go. Free to drive home. Free to drive home and go back to sleep! Before I left, the nurse commented that I did manage to go into REM sleep while on the stylish oxygen face mask. So that is good news. I am supposed to call back on monday for the official test results and then (hopefully) get a cpap machine of my very own. Can't wait!


Melisa said...

I hope they get you all fixed up soon! Yay for good sleep!

Steph said...

I don't know how well I would've slept with all those wires and such! I hope you get some relief...and soon!!

Carina said...

Hey, I have a few pictures of my husband that look just like yours :) I agree, I'm not sure how well I would have been able to sleep with all those things stuck to me...but it sounds like things are going well. Hope you get a CPAP soon!