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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 32 years old yesterday. I'm not one to hide my age. I really don't think there's anything to gain by saying that you're younger than what you are. I fully embrace my age. :D

I was worried that my birthday wouldn't be much fun this year, but it was:
  • Tyler ordered me a beautiful BIG windchime (see picture below) a week before my birthday - that's the first time he has thought ahead and I totally love windchimes - he's so good to me!
  • My mom ordered me a box of See's Scotchmallows (see tempting picture below) which is my favorite chocolate candy in the world - she also sent me some earrings last week, just because. Love her.
  • My best friend, Sarah, mailed me some beautiful wooden roses (see picture below - Iryna is modeling them) plus some wildberry gummy savers, kitkats, snickers, twixs, & red starbursts - there's a reason she's my best friend, she certainly knows what I like!
  • My VT, Melissa (who's been SO good to me the past year that we've been here in FL) brought me a cake, plus we're going to Chick-Fil-A next week. One day just isn't enough to celebrate, right?! :D
  • My VT companion, Sarah, brought me a sweet card and a sunflower to plant in my yard - so thoughtful. Plus she's taking me out somewhere tonight to celebrate!
  • My Okie friend, Sariah, is taking me out for some mexican food on Saturday!
  • I received tons of birthday wishes on FB and and texts and phone calls from my mom, dad, sister (Heather), and from Valene - a OH friend - who even sang to me! Everyone has made me feel so special and spoiled. I'm so lucky!
  • And TODAY, I received a Target gift card from my brother and sil, Evan & Shelbee - so sweet of them! :D
On my actual birthday, Tyler came home for his lunch break and we swam in the pool - it was SO nice, just the two of us. He took me out for shrimp for lunch, before heading back to work. Then he brought me some beautiful flowers when he came home - aren't they beautiful? We had dinner, as a family, then Anna went to Activity Days at church. Tyler & I watched the newer movie SHERLOCK HOLMES while we indulged in blue bell ice cream. Tonight we're actually going to eat the cakes (the one from Melissa and a boston cream pie), before we head off to the school's Open House. Tomorrow I get to go shopping to buy a shirt or two. Tyler & I decided that on my birthday he would get me one gift and then I could go get a couple of things that I want/need. It's been a great celebration and I couldn't be happier to be 32 years old. Thanks to everyone who made it special for me this year.


Zactly said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday. It sounds great.

Mom of 2 said...

Happy Birthday! I never hide my age- I am in my mid forties. The only advice I have for you is that the weight loss journey you often speak about is much easier in your 30s than your 40s. Once menopause symptoms hit-watch out! Maintaining weight is the best I can do. (I need to lose 50) You look great. Enjoy being 32.

Annie said...

Happy Birthday! Reading this post made me HUNGRY... sounds yummy. Glad you had a great day - you deserve it!

Sarah C said...

I am glad you had a wonderful birthday. You are a very special friend. I am glad all your friends and family made your birthday a special day for you.

Alabama Apples said...

Happy birthday! Yummy candy, cakes and dinners out! :) I love birthdays (and shopping!!!). Have fun!

EJ said...

Well, Happy Birthday! I think wind chimes make a lovely gift because it invites positive energy in every space, just perfect for a birthday!