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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How do you celebrate?

For the birthdays of my children & my husband - the balloon fairy comes, we have strawberry crêpes for breakfast, usually pizza for dinner, followed by a party of swimming, cake, ice cream, presents, & friends over.

But on my birthday? Well, um, I don't think that I should have to plan my own party, ya know?

Tyler already gave me a birthday gift (beautiful windchimes) and we're planning to go out for lunch tomorrow.

Other than that? No plans. Zip. Nada.

Now, I love birthdays. I am excited to have one day per year to celebrate that I was born! I am happy to be alive and I think that it's proper to celebrate with food, fun, and presents. :D

So, now I'm wondering...what do YOU do on your birthdays? Do you plan something? Does your significant other plan something? Do you drop subtle hints about what you want to do/have/get? What do you expect to have happen?

Perhaps my expectations are too high, but, somehow, I don't think that they are.


MoserUpdates said...

We moms get the raw end of the deal on things like this. For me, I tell Dave exactly what I want for my birthday. In detail. Sometimes even in an email! I LOVE spa days with gal pals...those are my favorite birthday gifts :)

Diana said...

Celebrations of all sorts have pretty much gone by the wayside in our world. We keep birthdays VERY low key because they are so stinking triggering to the kids. We're boycotting Halloween and we take all day (literally!) to open Christmas gifts - and we still keep those pretty low key and minimal as well. And Mother's Day - that's the all time worst day of the year. Purely awful! PTSD and RAD really suck sometimes (most of the time!!)

For our birthdays, Blaine and I try to have a lunch date and honestly, we very often purchase our own birthday gifts and don't wrap them or we exchange them secretly.

Rachel Teran said...

I don't ever have parties, don't really prefer them! I just enjoy going out to dinner with the husband. Maybe enjoy a few gifts! Andddd that's it. Boring, I know!

Sarah C said...

I hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am excited to play trains tomorrow.

ShelbeeDawn said...

Happy Birthday Jill!! Well, birthdays were a BIG deal in my family growing up. We pretty much had a week long celebration. So Evan and I call it our birthday week. For a period of time, my room mate and I even celebrated half birthdays (crazy I know). I just like being with the people I love and spending time with them. Evan and I will usually eat out, go to the movies, and plan something "out of the ordinary" for the day of. Last year I planned on getting a massage on mine. Whatever you do, enjoy your special day to relax and get the attention you deserve! :)

Melissa said...

I've learned the hard way to not be silent about what I want on my bday. My husband isn't the type to read into it or surprise me. So my last bday I said this, "I don't want presents, I just want a cake, card, and to spend the night together." He smiled and said OK! I do the same for all holidays. So I think you should tell him what you want and hopefully that can happen! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!

Mary said...

I love to do something to celebrate/mark the day in some way - sometimes that involves a party (if my b-day falls on a weekend) or going out to dinner with friends, or a homecooked meal that I (for once) didn't have to cook. I also love doing the whole cake-and-candles thing and having people sing to me. Oh, and presents are nice, but I do love the celebration part most of all!

Anonymous said...

I just had my birthday a few weeks ago. Our tradition is gifts(my rule is no candles or self help CDs!) then we go to a restaurant.
Very low key- but this year my teens and husband surprised me with 45 balloons!! One for each year.
Enjoy your birthday!!

Saquel25 said...

I want cake - from somewhere nice. No Walmart cake for me. I enjoy deciding what I want for my birthday and shopping for it myself. I have a birthday coming up and I think I may want books or a pair of those toning shoes. I don't like surprises or parties. At most I want to go out to dinner with the hubs.

Hevel said...

Happy birthday!

I think I have it easier than most ladies. Being a man I know how my partner thinks and I know that hints won't work. I either tell him what I want, or I go with his plans, which can range from a weekend get away to Egypt (neighboring country) to having a bowl of butter popcorn instead of plain for the movie we rented.

While birthdays are a family affair for many people, when it comes to the adults' birthdays in the family our friends and synagogue members play an important role in making it fun and special.

Tami said...

If Tuesday was your birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was my birthday too...the BIG one - 40. Sigh.
I spent the day not working, hanging out with the kids and then the family took me to dinner. Nice and quiet - the way I like it! :)

Carina said...

Happy Birthday, cuz! :)

We don't really do anything special. My last one, we just went out to dinner with one of those birthday coupons to Tucanos Brazilian Grill (naturally). And we got a carrot cake from the store--soooo good. I think that was about it. Joshua is still young, though, so he's not really into birthdays yet. Cody's birthday is in a couple weeks, so I need to start thinking about what to do and how to get Joshua involved. Should be fun.

Growing up, we would have a birthday party with friends every other year. As far as family celebrations go, the birthday person got to choose what to eat all day--you got your own box of whatever cereal you wanted (this was our chance to choose something sugary, something other than cheerios or crispy rice. I think I chose Cookie Crisp a couple times). We also got to choose what Mom made for dinner (rarely did we go out). Then we'd have a little present-opening party in the living room, with the birthday person sitting in a chair in the middle of the room, and then we'd bring out the cake with candles, blow them out, and then eat the cake with ice cream. Oh, and we would always take a picture of the birthday person shoving a spoon or forkful of cake/ice cream in his/her mouth. We're classy. But anyway, we'd do this same thing with my parents as well (the whole mini-party in the living room, etc). They were usually kept pretty low-key.

I hope you get some special treatment today! Love you!

Liz said...

The birthday person in our family gets to pick what is for dinner and we have cake and ice cream together. I will usually buy a couple of gifts but we don't do too much for birthdays.