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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Love Box, take 2

My entries for today. I like this whole Love Box idea. It helps me to focus on things and people that I love. :)

  • I love to see Anna’s smile after coming home from school.
  • I love to see Keith riding his bike.
  • I love it when Iryna gives me hugs and kisses without being asked to do it.
  • I love it when Daddy sends Mama nice texts.
  • I love it when my family helps to clean up the house and they have good attitudes.
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Hevel said...

Funny thing you wrote about the Love Box just now. A couple days ago my kids went about covering note cards with leftover wrapping/scrapbooking paper, and then started to write things on them that they loved/were grateful for/wished for. One was like "I wish for peace for all our neighbour countries and us." Another was "I love that grandma and grandpa are here from Utah." There was "I'm grateful for the ability to turn off autocorrect on my phone." Some funny, some sweet, some really uplifting.

Maybe you should start a new weekly event in the blogosphere: The Love Box Friday or whatever day you choose! I am sure people would LOVE to participate. I would.

Jill said...

Great idea, Hevel. Love Box Friday sounds good to me. :)

Hevel said...

I already know a handful of people who I'm sure would LOVE this! :) If you decide to host it, let me know, and I spread the link.

Jill said...

I'll probably just post it on Fridays and people can leave comments to add into the "love box." :D

Hevel said...

I'll ask one of our internet gurus whether they can come up with an easily managable sign up form for another project. If they do, I can give you the code.

Sarah C said...

That is a great idea!

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