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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This morning I took Keith to see Dr J at the clinic on base. His bowels haven't been normal lately and so we got a referral to see a pediatric GI specialist. I don't know if the trouble is related to his hypotonic cerebral palsy or to something else. We shall see. I hope we can find some answers for him.

I sent an email to Keith's teacher, Ms S, to see how Keith was settling into his class this year. He's been with Ms S since we moved to FL, but most of that time Iryna was also in the same class. Now Iryna is with Ms P, so I wanted to see how Keith was doing with that. Here is her response:

Keith is a STAR this year !! He is the most verbal student in the classroom and can be a leader in here. Am working with first grade teacher to start going to activity class with them and some other appropriate times in their classroom –Will keep you posted J
All of the activity teachers are very pleased ( I just met with them today ) with his progress and growth as I’m sure you are as well !!

I was so excited to hear that Keith was not only doing well, but the most verbal in the class! Amazing! My little buggy is growing up.


Carina said...

Go Keith! I hope he continues to do well!

McElwain Family said...

Glad Keith is improving and developing! So awesome!

MoserUpdates said...

It's amazing what a little TLC can do for kids. Eli didn't talk when he first came home, now he doesn't stop!