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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Right from Wrong

For the most part, Calvin and Silas are adapting quite well to our family. I actually expected more problems than what we have experienced - not that I'm asking for them - but there are a few behaviors that I would like to work on with each boy. For example:

Silas - this kid does not seem to realize that if you stuff your mouth full of food that you gag on it and that's not pleasant. Especially when he spits it all. back. out. If I sit next to him, then I can either give him one bite at a time or talk him through each bite - I have done both and will continue to do so. I just hope that he learns this concept. I recognize that he is 2, but it makes me wonder how food was given him in the orphanage. I can't imagine that he gagged every meal and didn't learn this already...right?

Calvin - he does not seem to understand how to share anything. (Yeah, I get it, orphanage mentality, nothing is yours) But he also doesn't seem to have a problem with hitting the other kids if they bother him or they won't share something. (Yes, orphanage behaviors) I just thought that a child who was 5 years old would have these things figured out. And then I received some sweet inspiration from my loving Father in heaven - Calvin has never been taught right from wrong. Could this be? It explains so much. So now, instead of being frustrated when Calvin behaves in this way, I can (hopefully!) approach him as a person who is still learning right from wrong rather than assuming he's doing it on purpose. I believe that when we involve God - the Father or all of our spirits - to help us in raising HIS children that He will not leave us without direction. I am grateful for His help. I could not do this alone.

The boys both woke up with fevers yesterday. Because of their heart conditions, if they have any type of infection they need to be on antibiotics so that the infection will not attack their hearts. Imagine my surprise when the doctor said they both have strep throat! Augh! I had no idea - poor babies. And it turns out that Iryna must have also had it, as she said her throat was hurting a few days ago. I didn't even think it was strep because she wasn't complaining too much about it...although, now that I'm thinking about Iryna...she has a high pain tolerance, so if she complains about any pain it must be intense. I feel bad that I didn't take her in. So the boys are on antibiotics and yesterday they slept for 4 hours during the day and laid around for the majority of the day. This morning they are doing better, but still not back to normal behaviors. I have simplified our day - no outings! - so we can rest and recover. 

Pre-strep throat. Aren't my boys so cute?

The first strep morning.

I sang the national anthem at the Change of Command ceremony on base. This is Amie, the commander's wife. We have become good friends and I sad to see her move away, but we're moving this summer, so I guess it's okay. ;)

This was an hour ago. The boys are still sick, but have better spirits today. 

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I've been reading your blog lately and really enjoy it. In the past I have researched adoption from Russia (though have not adopted--at least not yet--not sure if I ever will), and I learned that most orphange workers allow children to hit/push each other over toys, etc, without teaching them it is wrong because they believe that it is a "dog eat dog" world, and that kids, esp orphange kids, NEED to learn fighter skills in order to survive. They believe that these kids need to learn to fight for and protect what they want, or else they will never survive in the adult world and so they let them fight and work out their own issues with each other. Anyway, it is very possible that Calvin has never been taught right from wrong, and thinks its 100% ok to hit over toys.