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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FHE with friends

 Sarah was my first VT companion here in FL. (VT = visiting teaching, where we go and visit together with other women at church to assess their needs, teach them the gospel, and be their friends) Tyler said he knew that Sarah and I would become friends because her name is SARAH and I have so many friends named Sarah! Ha ha.

We had them over for FHE on Monday. Her husband, Joe, is working 7 hours away, so he wasn't able to make it. The kids had a great time and Sarah and I enjoyed chatting. Good friends are hard to leave.

Back row: Keith, Jacob, Alyssa, Anna, Anna (Anna and Anna are best buds)
Front row: Calvin, Iryna, Silas, Silas (yes, two Silas'), Abigail

Me, Sarah, and baby Evelyn

This is Joyce, Anna's first real piano teacher. She was good for Anna - no-nonsense and worked her. As a result, Anna has made huge progress in the two years she studied with Joyce. And I enjoyed Joyce accompanying me as I sang at church. We will both miss her. :(

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