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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Packing up

So I have the backpacks put together for the car ride. I am still waiting for two items coming in the mail (both Leapster games for Calvin and Iryna) and the necessary items that will be added last, such as blankets. I feel good about what I have packed and appreciate all the suggestions I have received. I have a snack list that I plan to shop for on Monday - we leave Wednesday. That's less than a week. Whoa.

Today I am packing the clothes for all of the kids. I know it's early but I want to do it while all the laundry is done and you know that won't happen again soon. We packed some boxes of toys from the playroom. I sometimes wonder why we don't have 10 toys in there maximum. You can actually see the floor and can find what you want.

I have been stressed lately. My feminine cycles have been off since May and I was hoping that meant we finally were pregnant, but as of this morning's test, alas, we are not. (That makes over 9 1/2 years of trying for baby #2) and I think I've gained back all 26 pounds that I lost last year...I have been stress eating from the adoption, adjustment from being home, Silas' heart surgery, and now moving + lack of pregnancy. It's tough. I'm grateful for friends and family who buoy me up and help me not be so hard on myself. My best friend, Sarah, told me today that I have to put my feet up, watch some FRASIER (my favorite show), and laugh. I plan to do so, tonight, when the kids are in bed.

My sweet Silas lining up all the cars in the kitchen. His favorite thing is to push them all around the house and he is FAST!

I finally got more highlights and a haircut. The last time was January!

We had Dave over for dinner and lively conversation. We will miss our friends here in FL.

My from-childhood-friend, Sarah, gave birth to her first child, Lucy, two days ago. Is she not precious? I get to hold this darling girl on Saturday. :D

Dear Choffy, thank you for coming into my life and giving me comfort!

Calvin telling me what he wants to eat with a funny sign he came up with to accompany it! He is so fun. :)

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Courtney said...

I love Frasier too! :)